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Affiliate 30 for 40 Bonus Program

Welcome JVs and Affiliates ! You are Cordially invited to promote my Newest Product Fast Cash King on Warrior Plus  and be automatically qualified for the 30 for 40 Bonus Contest
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Here's How the 30 for 40 Aff. Bonus Works

Simple : When you join and become an Active Affiliate if you get 30 new sales within your first 30 days as an Aff. I will give you $40 in a cash bonus deposited in your Paypal :)

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About The Product


Full Video Course. 5 stupidly simple but powerful ways to make fast cash on the Internet !! No fluff/ No BS. Proven and time tested ways.I pride myself on making my courses centered around substance over everything else including hype. For newbies and advanced but some veterans will find gold nuggets as well.

Commission Breakdown for Affiliates :

1.Main FE- (Fast Cash King)- $9.95 Commission 70%

2.OTO1 ( 51 and Done Emails) - $11.95 Commission 50%

3.OTO2 (51 and Done Emails Master Resell PLR)- $17.00 Commission 50%

4. OTO3 ( Solo ad Professor) $7.95 Commission 50%

5. Downsell- OTO2 ( 51 Master PLR Rights) - $8.50 Commission 50%

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Robert Andrew has created a Product that will help any struggling internet marketer to be highly successful and make consistent cash. And do it in just weeks.

Nope, its no secret push button program. And NO it's not just some hyped up get rich quick scheme. It's 5 proven and time tested ways to legitimately start earning real income right here and right now.

Time is ticking and right now and right now ONLY you can get his Course for less than a dog gone Pizza at Pizza Hut. Uhmm Uhmm good :)

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Robert Andrew has just launched his newest course called Fast Cash King.

Here is what his Course is NOT :
- A push Button System to earn $10K a month
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- A one time Set and Forget system that will make you a millionaire.

Nope none of these things!!
If you want that then I suggest you close this email right now and move on to the scammers out there !!

But... If you want a truly legit Course that will literally give you 5 time tested, sure fire ways to make relatively fast cash online with a little work then this is just what the doctor ordered for you :)

Robert will hold you by the hand in this comprehensive and detailed video course and show you how to start earning real income and as soon as just a few hours from now

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Subject : 5 Stupid, Fast, Simple Ways to make $50 a Day

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Okay I know "fast" money is a catch phrase that is often overly used a lot in this business. And I know many times when people say "fast cash" they are just hyping something up and misleading folks !!

Well, Robert Andrew has just launched a new product that is relatively "fast Cash" but here's the catch. With his way, you will make "fast cash" in a reliable, surefire manner that is essentially fool proof. And with just a little work required.

His course is called Fast Cash King and for less than a Dominos pizza he will hold your hand and teach you how to make cash online and put it in your bank account as soon as a few hours from now.
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This is a course for newbies and experienced marketers alike.

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Now most people when they hear the words fast cash they smell 'over hype' and 'scam'.

Well, in his course Robert shows you how to make cash and do it in a reliable and sure fire way.
No gimmicks !
No overnight schemes
No automated systems that make you $100K month

Just time proven strategies and techniques to start making you real money in as little as a few hours after you purchase it( one of his techniques can do this )

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